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Sales & Social Networking-Insider Tips!

Jan 16 2009

Best Selling Author Ben Gay III (the man behind the writing of "The Closers" series) & Vicki Bass-DeBinion, President of Sales Management Wizard made our second show another great hit!

Selling and social networking are definitely hot topics on the minds of professionals. This was a great contrast of dynamic personalities and insights on selling. Ben was a 'book shelf mentor' of mine for years- and I am proud to say that I am an 'old school' student of sales! It has been a personal joy to actually connect with Ben on a one to one level! (It's cool to go from a 'book shelf mentor to a real live mentor!) His contributions to the Power of Leadership Books and the show on the 13th of January is filled with 'Golden Nuggets' of timeless, extremely valuable insights!

I know a lot of people who bring a lot of flack to the conversation when it comes to selling...but to those I challenge them this: tell me what you think you know about selling-then come talk to Ben! The TRUE MASTER CLOSERS really know the truth - and that is- selling is timeless, and no matter what format, generation, medium or market you deal in- if you do not know the basics (yes- the "OLD SCHOOL" way)- you will not have real sales success!

What was really great about this show is that Ben's info that he shared is completely usable in social media- the subject that Vicki talked about.

Vicki is a dynamo with amazing energy and understanding about online social networking! If you want to really grasp the opportunities social networking can bring you and your business- (and if you missed the live show)- be sure to listen in to the archive! Vicki will joyfully enlighten you to the ins and outs of how to choose which social networking sites you should be using.

Thanks for tuning in each week and spreading the word about the show to your friends and colleagues!

Debbra Sweet

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