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Feb 03 2009

Wow! Already we are in the second month of Power of Leadership Radio. I am so honored to host this show- and share with you GREAT leaders of today.

On the show we talk about being an authentic leader, one who is grounded, understands at the very core what it is to walk, talk, live, breathe with genuineness as a person. Not everyone is there and in your growth to become a leader in your own world or circle of influence, this atttribute (authenticity) is very important to engage in your life.

Listeners from around the world have been sharing their support on the fact that at Power of Leadership Radio we take a firm stand on authenticity as a much needed core value for today's leaders. People are fed up with greedy, hypocratic, self centered people who's egos drive them - and them only. Just take a look around you! The evidence of the side effects of gluttenous thinking has impacted everyone on a global level. For those who are consisent listeners of the show (and share us with those you care about) - THANK YOU! This weeks show is dedicated to you.

There are still around, companies that I call hidden gems. They are led by the TRUE leaders of today and they inspire leaders of tomorrow. Paul Spiegelman co-founder and CEO of The Beryl Companies along with Ric Franzi, Owner of Renaissance Executive Forums & Chuck Weinberger, CCIM (US Commercial Brokeage), are my guests on air with us this week that exemplify authenticity in leadership.

Have you ever been around a company that made YOU feel like you were everything to them? Whether you were a customer - or if you were fortunate enough to work there-then you'll relate to this show. If you have a vision of creating that type of company for your customers -then this show is a must listen to episode!

You CAN develop a company culture and strenghten your brand as a great organization by BEING the leader who leads with core values and authenticity! Tune in to the show and listen to the archive often to find out priceless information and creative ideas on HOW to make that happen.

Have a prosperous and authentic day!

Debbra Sweet

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