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The Choice to Be Productive

I’ve talked about this before, and it seems like I am speaking about it even more. When you listen to the Power of Leadership Radio broadcasts, you will hear many of our guests share on this success insight also.

Every day we have a choice to intentionally be involved in our life. For some, that may sound silly, odd or off the wall. For others, they will ‘get it’.

When I look back at my last blog post, I see clearly that to some, I will appear like an ‘over achiever’. To those, that may be your perception – but the reality is, I simply chose to be productive.

As I was growing up, I had hopes, ideas, and dreams of how I wanted my life to be. Some of those ideas came to pass. Others did not. I did not have the knowledge, the resources the support system around me to lay the foundation to really make things happen. Now I do.

The big point to make is here: even though I now have all of the things I need to really make dreams, ideas and hopes a reality, the most important thing that is needed first is the commitment and conviction to make a choice to make things happen!

So many people say they want to do things, they complain about the way things are- but they are unwilling to actually do anything about it! The love to wallow in their ‘story’ and it is that ‘story’ that is part of what holds them back. Actually, there are reasons behind the story- and all too often we stay emotionally attached to those reasons. They may not be logical (in fact, most of the time they are not) however, they are familiar and comfortable. The easy way out of things is to do or stay where it is comfortable.

Do you have hopes, dreams, ideas that you say you want to come to pass? Are you being honest with yourself when you say it? Is it really what you want? If deep down inside, the answer is YES- then all you have to do now is make the choice to change. Make the choice to do one thing a day to make one of your goals, dreams, ideas come to pass. Each day you take a new step. Each day you take a new action. Each day you are laying the foundation and walking the pathway to seeing your dreams and ideas become reality!

You may have to modify some of the habits you have now in order to create ‘room’ in your life to do these new actions. That’s good! You want that! If you feel a bit uncomfortable because you are walking in unfamiliar territory- that’s ok! You want that – it’s a sign of growth!

Make the choice to be productive and follow your dreams. In doing so, you can be one of those people who lives a life with no regrets when they are older.

If you need (or want) some support in gaining the courage to take the first step, a key is to learn from leaders who have already done things like this. A great resource that is available to you is right here: http://www.leadershiptrilogy.com/

Enjoy your day and may it be productive and prosperous!

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