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The Countdown Begins

It's official. Only 5 days left until the world wide debut of Power of Leadership Radio!

The buzz has been growing about the Power of Leadership timing. With so much uncertainty in the minds of people about the changes in the economy, many people have been communicating with us to say "Thank You" for taking a stand and bringing forth new insights and information on leadership.

Personally, I've always been a hard advocate that you have to take the first steps in making change in your own life if you are frustrated with 'the way things are'. Last year I had a personal saying that kept me focused on growth even when January of '08 brought an unexpected down turn in many peoples lives. My saying was: "If you don't like the way things are... change it!". Kind of like Nike's saying: "Just do it".

I have little tolerance for people who cry victim and are unwilling to take any steps when opportunity to change their situation presents itself. What I am about is working with people who are ready to embrace change, ready to take on growth and ready to work through difficult situations to create a positive outcome.

Another great saying that I think of often is this: "Luck is no more than being prepared for an opportunity when opportunity arises". This show is about bringing great opportunity to you. We have dynamic guests coming on the show that understand the benefits of becoming a leader. They may not have started out that way- but through different life lessons and experiences, they have stuck it out and rose to the top.

What I find very exciting about having our guests on the Power of Leadership Radio show is that some of the best nuggets we can ever learn and apply in our lives to change and grow come from the experience and stories other people share. My guests understand the principle of sharing their knowledge to benefit others. They openly bring you new insights, they are resources for you and they are all leaders in their own way.

Change in the world is inevitable. There will be more change coming in 2009.
Remember this though - you have the choice, starting today, on what your 2009 will look like. You can continue to do what you did this last year and more than likely, you'll get the same results. If you did not like your outcome in '08 and are looking at finding new ways to do things easier, with less headaches and strong, quality resources to help you out- then join in each Tuesday at 2 PM Pacific Time.

Get ready for the countdown and I look forward to hearing from you!

Here's to the beginning of a prosperous 2009!
Debbra Sweet


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